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Fresh Herbs Basil

English : Sweet basil
Hindi : babuitulsi
Indonesia : selasih, kemangi
Malaysia : selasih, kemangi
Philippines : belanoi, sulasi
Sri Lanka : suwenda-tala, madura-tala
Thailand : hai horapha, hai kaprow, hai manglak

Sweet Basil, is known for its delicious flavour, little sweetish taste and pleasing aroma, and is a core item in Italian cooking and widely used all over the world. Sweet basil is used in almost all spicy vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines like curries, soups, salads, pasta, mushrooms etc. It aids digestion, sleeping and induce calm. BASIL is a herb with spicy overtures of aniseed & is strongly associated with Italian cooking. Basil can be used fresh, dried or chopped or frozen in ice cube trays. It has a mild spicy & some what minty flavour. It is used in Mediterranean, Thai & Italian dishes and goes well with beef, poultry, lamb, veal, fish, pasta, rice and white beans. Basil also makes a tasty garnish for many foods.